About Proverbs Pursuit

I’m Joanne--wife and new mom. On this little humble blog, I’ll be sharing my honest journey toward a Gospel-centered life in this post-modern era.

There is so much to share, and I’m sure with time we will get to know each other, but here are a few quick facts about me. They should give you a sense of some of the topics we'll discuss.

I was a feminist until the Lord opened my eyes to its deception and showed me His way. I was the angry feminist correcting everyone's language and ideas at every moment possible--including Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I'm actively being transformed by the renewing of my mind according to God's Word. I'm definitely not perfect, and still have to work on my attitude and the ways in which I explain my opinions and thoughts. Look out for posts about the dangers and issues of feminism, and how the Lord has shown me the beauty of biblical womanhood.

As a new mom (our son is 6 months old as of November 2nd) I don't think I'll have time to post much on anything else. But if I do I'll discuss my hobbies (cooking healthy meals and trying to get our family out of debt).

I hope one, or all, of these topics makes you visit Proverbs Pursuit frequently!

In Christ,


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