Nov 11, 2019

The World Says: Children are a Burden!

I always find it interesting when I go out with my son. I can’t walk with him for longer than 5 minutes before he is complimented for how cute he is and I’m asked how’s it feel to be a mom. When
I was pregnant, there was no shortage of awe from strangers and family members that I was growing a tiny human in my womb. We wondered about what sex he would be, how he would look, what he
would sound like, and what his personality would be like.

So how do we jump from being in awe at the pending arrival of a baby to the “My Body, My Choice”

What's She Been Up To?

It’s been more than a year since my last (and first) post on this blog. I had such high hopes of posting weekly, biblical truths regarding womanhood, feminism, and juggling life as a working wife, but life got ahead of me.

To be honest, spending more than a year sitting on this blog made me think a lot about the purpose of this blog. More on that later.