Nov 11, 2019

The World Says: Children are a Burden!

I always find it interesting when I go out with my son. I can’t walk with him for longer than 5 minutes before he is complimented for how cute he is and I’m asked how’s it feel to be a mom. When
I was pregnant, there was no shortage of awe from strangers and family members that I was growing a tiny human in my womb. We wondered about what sex he would be, how he would look, what he
would sound like, and what his personality would be like.

So how do we jump from being in awe at the pending arrival of a baby to the “My Body, My Choice”
I believe the pro-choice movement deceives people into believing that the life growing inside a woman’s womb IS NOT a human and therefore is perfectly warranted in being eliminated. However, there are those who willingly admit that there is a human growing in the womb but that growing life is less valuable than the life of the mother. When we look at pro-choice arguments they all boil down to a belief that children are a burden/inconvenience. A child will limit the mother’s ability to be successful and live the life she dreamed of living. A child will need to be cared for and sacrificed for.

I can’t lie, raising children IS TOUGH. As a new momma I can fully attest to how difficult it is to care for a tiny human every day. We need to admit this truth. There are inconveniences (i.e. sleepless nights, early wakings, lots of diapers, and spit up, and tears). Your time is no longer your own. That can feel like a burden. There have been many times, in the short 6 months that I’ve been a mom, that I have thought to myself, “How can I do this?”; “How am I STILL doing this!?” 

But God’s truth states that children are a gift! (Psalm 127:3) Those inconveniences mean nothing when compared to the beautiful gift of life given to a mother. After a sleepless night (a major inconvenience, because LORD do I love my sleep)--when I feel so tapped out--the moment I see my son look up at me with a big smile I know I am blessed. This blessing goes to all mothers of children (born and unborn).

The fetus in the womb is a life worthy of living. To take that life is to commit murder. It is immoral to murder a child outside of the womb because he or she “inconveniences” us. It is equally immoral to murder a child in the womb—no matter what the world says.

If you’ve ever committed the sin of abortion know that you destroyed a gift from God. Rethink all the lies you’ve been told by this world and the pro-choice movement about what you did. You didn’t get rid of a “clump of cells.” You destroyed an innocent life. You committed murder. You committed a sin against your unborn child and against God. Ponder on this truth and know that forgiveness can be found in Jesus. Call out to Him TODAY. Lay your burden on Him and he will make you clean.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all
unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

I believe many women need to hear this truth. Please consider sharing this post with your family and friends!